A Meditation for the New Year… and the Rest of Your Life

I am here: X.
I read a blog post that left me super rattled, itchy and tearful. It’s called The Tail End. Written by Tim Urban from Wait But Why, it’s about the precious little time we have left on this earth, the precious little time we have left with the people we love… and wontons too. To be honest, it freaked me out. In a good way. Mostly. So here’s a meditation for 2016… and for all the rest of those tiny, precious, itty bitty circles.

A Meditation for 2016… and the Rest of Your Life

More “take my seat.” More opening doors. Less “I’m too tired.”
Less “I’m worried about”, less “I’m thinking about”, more guts.
Less “did you hear?” More “I’m here.”
More fresh air, more cardio, more sweat, more risks.

Less Facebook, more books. Less Instagram, more graham crackers. Yes… more s’mores.

Less wifi, less meat, less screens, less pressure, less clothes, more skin (always more skin.)
More dirt.
Less job titles, more job descriptions.
Less diamonds, more vows.
Less expenses, more wilderness.
More callouses, more bruises, more will.
Less big trips, more daily adventures. Ok, fine… more big trips too.
More “today.” Less “later.”
More “yes”, less “no”… (unless we’re talking about carrots.)
More compassion, more passion, more making out. More honesty. Fuck it: more sex. (Less swearing.)
Less fear.
More possibility. More positivity. More patience.


More “thank yous.” (Thank you.)
More “I care about yous.” (I care about you.)
Above all:
More you, less me.
Less they, more us, all of us; humanity.
More daring. More art. More love.
(I love you.)


2 thoughts on “A Meditation for the New Year… and the Rest of Your Life

  1. Lena, That sounds just like you. Congrats: You’re already living that. I’m still working on it – Daddeh

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