Odes to Adventure


LIFE ADVENTURE from Jurian Gravett on Vimeo.

A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards from Blue Chalk on Vimeo.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Stand Out! Conquer Your Fear from Stand Out! Photographic Forums on Vimeo.

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

17 thoughts on “Odes to Adventure

    1. He does exist. I am him. So is the guy who sent this article to me. So are the 100s of people who i’ve met along the way – guys and girls. And the 100s who inspired and continue to inspire me to go where they have been and see what they have experienced!

    2. I agree Binit and Anonymous. We do exist.. I found the link this of the wall of the girl that snagged my heart while i was traveling and so far I have followed her from Bulgaria to India back to Bulgaria and then to Australia… Country hopping in nothing to the boys who have seen the world and especially for the girl he loves… But I guess the thing you have to think about Leigh is that bees are fast and free and they are attracted to the most beautiful and sweetest flowers. And when you have wings like these, you have the freedom to choose your own fate. So be a rose because us bees are too fast and too smart for anything less…

  1. Your ‘date a boy that travels’ really hits home as clearly, I am that boy. I write this from a field outside of Stockholm after a month in southern Spain and amidst plans to sail through the Caribbean and across the south pacific on a double masted sailboat. Throughout your article I couldn’t help but wonder, where are these girls that want to date a boy that travels? A girl like this needs some serious gusto. She needs to have no fear of the unknown and a willingness to take risk on a whim. She needs to love her home enough to appreciate its comforts but not be burdened by them. Offers to travel across the world with someone can be interpreted as over zealous an dreamy, but to this ‘boy that travels’ they are absolute reality. A girl (might I say, woman) that can see these plans for reality and not just dream will suit a boy that travels well. If you can tell me the location of this mystic island where they do eachothers hair, make travel bracelets and talk about these boys that travel, I will gladly bring my sailboat there and invite them all on board for a journey none will forget.
    Yours Truly
    A boy that travels.

  2. What about the girls who are exactly like the boy you describe is this article? I know many women, including myself who are everything you described. Boys generally, in my experience, don’t want to date them, if they did why would so many of my amazing travelling girlfriends still be single? Men are too intimidated by women like this & I think its a bruises their egos. The boy you describe I have a hard time believing he exists, I spent over 10 years traveling and I haven’t met him yet ….. The man that is going to propose is the one you have to introduce to travel. The boys who are just like us, they don’t need a woman regardless of how awesome she is, they view her as getting in their way or holding them back. And most men never want women who are too Independent, or as well traveled and experienced as them, it scares them and they too often find her threatening.

  3. A friend of mine just sent me the ‘date a boy that travels’ blog you wrote. I am that guy. So is he. And the countless boys and girls I’ve met a long the way. 100s of people who have all changed their lives forever through travel. And, once they’ve read your blog, 100s of people who will have so much put into perspective about how much they have changed for the better and how much they have learned from exploring the world with nothing more than a few worldly possessions for company, and the ability to meet and talk to new people!

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